Nickosticko - sticker design and production

Boat Names

Boat names can be supplied in almost any colour and font. To order a name you can use the 'Order Form' button or email here. Try and include as much information as you can. i.e.

• Size
• Colour
• Font (Arial & Times are the most common)
• Delivery/Invoice address

Boat Codes & ID

Whether for rowing boats (British Rowing ID) or SSR numbers for small boats Nicko can deliver your codes to the correct standards. Nicko can offer a reduced rate for larger orders so it may be useful to order as a club.

British Rowing ID

Font: Ariel, Helvetica or similar ‘sans serif’ typeface
Size: 60mm cap height (50mm on small sax boards)
Colour: can be any colour but must contrast with the colour of the shell and be easily legible
Position: ideally at the forward (bow) end of the saxboard

Blade Stickers & more

Save time with the paintbrush in the boathouse. Use printed stickers (high quality screen print) instead of paint for more complicated/multicoloured designs. Nicko current customers include Thames Rowing Club, York University & Barts and The Royal London Hospitals BC amongst many others.

Other timesavers and moneysavers in the boathouse include racking stickers (ensure your boats are racked at the right point), blade numbers or codes (keep the sets together) and race numbers for bow plates.