Nickosticko - sticker design and production

Instructions for Application
& Removal of Stickers


The sticker usually will be sent to you with three parts to the sandwich:
• The backing
(the paper with the manufacturers marks)
• The vinyl sticker
• The lift-off/application paper (similar to masking tape)

If the sticker is a solid shape (not cut out shapes/letters) it may not be supplied with lift-off paper (it can be peeled off in one go).


Clean the area to be applied. Ensure it is dust and grease free.

1. Position the vinyl complete with backing where it is required and use some masking tape as a positioning guide or use the tape as a hinge  for the sticker (shown here) before removing the backing.

For larger stickers mix a few drops of washing-up liquid with water in a plant sprayer (most boat names won't need this stage). Spray on the application surface prior to applying the sticker to allow repositioning and to easily remove air bubbles.


2. First remove the the backing sheet (flip up the sticker to do this if you are using the tape as a hinge - see 1). Take care not to leave any vinyl on the backing sheet.

Tip: it may be easiest to place the sticker backing sheet upwards and remove the backing sheet by pulling back slowly at a sharp angle - you will be doing this if you are using the hinge method)

Spray the area to be applied with water if required (as stated in the second paragraph).

3. Place the lift-off paper and vinyl sticker on to the correct postion (or flip down if using the hinge method) and press lightly to make contact. using a credit card, or similar flexible card. Rub from the centre outwards to diperse any air bubbles (or water if used) and ensure adhesion.

4. When you are happy that the sticker is well adhered remove the lift-off paper slowly at a sharp angle (back on itself). Take care that all the vinyl is adhering to the surface.

Tip: you may need to wait half an hour or so if you have used water before doing this (and you can wet the application paper to help removal).

Finally, check all the vinyl is stuck down and rub down any parts that have lifted up with a soft cloth from the centre outwards.

Removal of old stickers & vinyl

1. Remove sticker: use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the vinyl, then slowly pull back the vinyl at a 45° angle.

2. Spray adhesive remover (can be ordered from nickosticko) on remaining glue residue and let stand for 60 seconds (no longer than 120 seconds).

3. Remove glue with a plastic scraper (squeegee or unwanted store card or similar).

4. Spray a paper towel with adhesive remover and wipe away remainder.

5. Rinse area with water before new application.